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Here are some details:
Pricing and specifications:
•        Each portrait is $400.
•        $30 shipping fee per portrait (if applicable) is additional.
•        There are no limits to how many you may purchase at one time. 
•        Portraits may be ordered from date of purchase through December 31, 2023.
If Solomon cannot complete a started portrait (ie, one with images sent to us) within
that time frame, we will refund your purchase. However, portraits purchased but never
ordered will not be refunded. 
•        Canvas size is 16”x 20”, vertical. A different sized canvas can be used, for a fee.
•        Portraits are painted in order of payment. Rush orders are available: $50 for within 30 days.
•        Not for reproduction or resale.
Subject matter:
•        Our preference is one person per portrait. If you want to have multiple people, it’s $400 per person
in the portrait; in addition, Sol would need to use a bigger canvas and you’d be charged (at cost) for the
larger canvas. 
•        Portraits are generally photo-based, but a studio sitting can be arranged.
•        We would prefer yourself or someone you are close to—not a celebrity or your crush, etc.
•        You can do the same person in several portraits, over time.
The projects/community:
•        With your permission, we’d like to include all portraits in an online gallery:
•        Subjects are identified by first name of subject, and the age of the subject when painted: eg., “Hina, 21.”
•        If you want, please also include a short anecdote or memory of the subject at the age of the photo.
•        Images would be displayed on the website and for social-media promotion only, and images are not for sale.
Ordering and payment link:

Mahalo for your interest!
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