Miu Lang, Native Hawaiian

When I was growing up, my Grandma Miu Lang lived with us in Nānākuli.  My dad grew white ginger for her in our front yard, which despite the dry Westside heat, was always in bloom.  Every morning when she would get up for work, she would do her hair with her white ginger and countless bobby pins.  She'd also set a small vase of them at the top of our stairs.  I treasure these simple memories of Grandma, just at home, everyday-kine things.

She was the matriarch and cornerstone of our family, having raised her six children as a single mother -- later becoming grandma to 20 grandchildren and GG to 14 great-grandchildren.  She took a much-deserved retirement, which allowed her more time with her family and more time to travel to her favorite getaway: Las Vegas! 

For her portrait, I chose a picture from several years ago. This is how I’ll always remember Grandma, white ginger in her hair. Although she was called home to Ke Akua, her legacy lives on through her large 'ohana and the aloha she showed and taught us all.

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